Spotting FSC-certified forests on a world map may seem easy. But the reality is not so simple, as various elements must be in place beforehand.

First, you need digital boundary maps of each certified forest in the world displayed in a consistent format. FSC standards require forest owners to give access to detailed maps to their certification bodies, but without recommending a format. The maps are often either paper maps or plot images, but usually not digital versions.

Second, a Geographic Information System platform must compute these boundary map data and place them on a satellite map in the right position and display the data.

We recently launched the FSC Open Knowledge Repository. This online database helps us to store and implement standardized data structures across all platforms. With this new database, we can finally place FSC on a map, or rather on four different maps:

new map screenshot

1. Show me FSC-certified forests

For many of our stakeholders, this first map may be the most interesting one, as it allows users to explore FSC-certified forests through a satellite image.

It is based on voluntary contribution from certified forest owners or partners making their data available through public platforms. For the first time, this map enables us to gather and make available as many spatial boundary data related to FSC-certified forest areas as we can.

This map is launched as a beta version at the moment, to gather input from stakeholders before its full launch.

Click here to access the map.

Find FSC International members

2. Find FSC International members

We have also developed a map to show the distribution of our members. It only includes international members as we do not have access to national membership data.

You can find the geographical location of each member, compare the number of individual versus organizational members in a specific country, or see their distribution across the three FSC chambers.

It is also possible to search for members using their name, their organization, or in select cases, via their contact details.

Click here to check this map.

Where is my nearest FSC office?

3. Where is my nearest FSC office?

The third map helps you find the nearest FSC office based on your location and provides their contact details.

If FSC does not have local representation in your country, the map will show you the closest regional office and their details.

The map is available here.

One thing is certain: we have just started a journey towards new digital opportunities, and we look forward to improving our stakeholders’ experience.