The Controlled Wood Strategy was approved in April 2019. It includes actions aimed at reinforcing truth in labelling of the FSC mix label text, and to allow FSC-certified organizations to communicate about controlled wood. To implement these actions, FSC put together a technical working group. Read about the working group members and the scope of their work here

The working group developed a proposal on how to standardize communication about controlled wood in the FSC mix label and in promotional statements for FSC license holders. We now invite stakeholders to provide feedback on this proposal via the FSC Consultation Platform here.

The technical working group will discuss the results of the consultation in April 2020. The final proposal will be submitted for approval to the FSC International Board of Directors. 

The implementation process – including timelines and requirements – is not yet determined. The new mix label and controlled wood statements will only be introduced after carefully considering the practical implications for stakeholders. Comments on the implementation can also be provided in the public consultation. Your input is essential, so we invite you to share your views!