The current consultations touch on integral pieces of forestry certification including ensuring integrity by changes to the Policy for Association and remedy procedure. We invite all stakeholders to participate; there is no requirement for participation. These documents touch on the following: 

Strengthening the Integrity of our System through Refining Unacceptable Activities and Building Remedy Frameworks 

FSC has multiple integrity mechanisms in place, and is working to establish what happens after organizations threaten our integrity and want to remedy past harm in a meaningful and verified way.  

The Policy for Association (PfA) is one of the tools FSC uses to protect the integrity and reputation of the FSC system. Under the policy, anyone who joins FSC commits to avoid engaging in destructive activities, like deforestation or human rights violations, that go against FSC’s mission and values. The draft PfA up for consultation through 16 July, uses the definitions of forest conversion from the Policy on Conversion, which is FSC’s mechanism for the remedy of social and environmental harm of past conversion of natural forests and High Conservation Value areas. FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure related to the Policy on Conversion defines equitable and effective measures required for the remedy of social and environmental harm caused by past conversion and is available for consultation 14 August.  

For those companies found to have violated FSC’s PfA, they must adhere to the Policy for Association Remediation Framework, which provides a process by which businesses can remedy social and environmental harm for violations of the six unacceptable activities and is also up for consultation through 22 August. 

FSC Integrity Consultations Snapshot 

Document for Consultation // Deadline 

Policy for Association of Organizations with FSC // 16 July 2021 

FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure // 14 August 2021 

FSC Policy for Association Remediation Framework  // 22 August 2021 

All public consultations can be accessed through the FSC Consultation Platform and are available for the general public. To learn more about the ongoing processes for document development refer to the FSC website here. Through the process pages you can learn about how FSC maintains transparency in document development and how stakeholder feedback is incorporated. To get involved in future document developments learn more here.