During FSC International Board Meeting (BM) 73, the Board of Directors approved the Terms of Reference for the motions committee and the timetable for the motions process.
The FSC motions committee shall consist of:

  • 1 FSC member representing a northern chamber;
  • 1 FSC member representing a southern chamber;
  • 1 FSC member representing the FSC International Board of Directors;
  • 1 senior FSC staff member.

The Board of Directors is seeking candidates among FSC international members to fill the northern chamber representative and southern chamber representative seats.

If you are interested in being part of this committee please send an email to Guillermina Garza (g.garza@fsc.org) including the following information:
- Member’s name
- Representative (only for organizational members)
- Chamber
- Subchamber

The terms of reference for the FSC Motions Committee and the timeline for the motions process are available for download.

Please note that the call for candidates for the motions committee will be open for two weeks only until 12 December 2016.