Forum recommendations

During the two-day meeting, the participants developed a set of ideas and recommendations to be further explored:

  • complete the report on generic criteria and indicators based on the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Core Conventions and principles;
  • continuously enhance engagement on labour issues among certificate holders, trade unions, government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on various dialogue platforms; and
  • conduct joint projects between various stakeholders, in particular in audits and on health and safety measures.

One set of recommendations specifically addressed the dispute resolution system, and included:

  • strengthening the capacity of all stakeholders to understand the boundaries and scope of the dispute resolution system;
  • developing the role of national initiatives in the dispute resolution process; and
  • streamlining the system without losing its consistency.
Labour Solutions Forum

Participants and conclusions

Forum participants mainly included FSC members such as BWI and its affiliates, participants from Latin America, and representatives of well-known organizations such as ISEAL and ILO that defend workers’ rights.

As the vast majority of the participating FSC members were from the social chamber, future such events will need to gain a more balanced representation of environmental, social, and economic stakeholders. Participants also agreed that these fora should be organized at regional and national levels, after assessing which themes should be addressed at the global, regional, or national levels.

Next step

The ideas generated during this forum will potentially be further explored and discussed at the ILO side event planned at the FSC General Assembly 2017 in October.

A detailed report on the Labour Solutions Forum is available here.