At the General Assembly 2017 in Vancouver, Canada, the membership approved Motion 7 which required that FSC puts in place a mechanism, building upon previous work, which will develop a holistic policy on conversion. To address Motion 7, FSC has split the process into two:

  • a chamber balanced working group to develop a holistic Policy on Conversion, and
  • a technical working group to focus on the implementation of the policy.

The working group was formed in August 2018 and completed the development process of an FSC Policy on Conversion in December 2020. While the working group agreed on the majority of the policy, the members did not reach consensus on principle 3 which outlines remedy requirements for past conversion. Details of the policy development status is available here. To complete the policy, FSC has commissioned a study proposing options for a methodology to address the issue of the ownership loophole. Further information on the policy process is available here.

The technical working group was established in November 2019 to develop a mechanism to translate the FSC Policy on Conversion into operational practices. FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure is a key component of this mechanism which defines equitable and effective measures required for the remedy of social and environmental harm caused by past conversion. The second draft of this procedure is now available for stakeholder input during this public consultation.

This public consultation is to collect valuable feedback from stakeholders on several fundamental procedure requirements. FSC encourages all members and interested stakeholders to participate and provide their input during this period, as this input is critical to the further development of the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure. The feedback from the second consultation will be discussed, and the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure will be amended and finalized for its submission to FSC Policy Steering Committee (PSC) and Board of Directors (BoD) by Q4 2021.

Three webinars have been scheduled to present the second draft of the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure. This series of webinars is an opportunity to understand the development process of and the proposals included in the second draft of the FSC Remedy Procedure. More information and registration links for the webinars are as follows:

Webinar 1 (English with Spanish translation): 24 June 2021, 16:00 – 17:00 PM CET, Register for Webinar 1 here*

Webinar 2 (English): 1 July 2021, 09:00 – 10:00 AM CET, Register for Webinar 2 here*

Webinar 3 (English): 28 July 2021, 09:00 – 10:00 AM CET, Register for Webinar 3 here*

Note: You will receive a confirmation of registration via email.

FSC is also conducting a consultation on the FSC Policy for Association (PfA) and will soon be organizing a consultation on the PfA remediation framework, as significant conversion is one of the unacceptable activities under the PfA. It is recommended to also review the revised PfA and its remediation framework alongside the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure. All three consultations are now available through the FSC Consultation Platform.

Further information on the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure development process is available here. For more information on the procedure and the public consultation, please contact Yan Li, project coordinator at