The Policy and Standards Committee (PSC) streamlines decisions related to the FSC normative framework and its documents: The PSC provides recommendations for decisions by the FSC International Board of Directors with respect to all technical matters related to the development or revision of FSC policies, standards, procedures and other normative documents. The PSC further takes decisions on behalf of the Board for the approval of national standards. 

Sarah Harris will commence as the new non-voting chair of this chamber-balanced committee from September 2021 onwards, when the current term of the long-standing chair Keith Moore will have ended.  

Sarah was an FSC staff person from 2004 to 2007 and subsequently worked for the FSC accredited certification body SCS Global Services for 13 years. While at SCS Global Services, she acted in the role of Director of the company's Chain of Custody Program beginning in 2014. Since 2020, Sarah has run her own consultancy. Sarah is a Canadian citizen and currently lives near San Francisco, United States.