Has already agreed on various points during their first in-person meeting in Sweden.

In February, the technical working group in charge of revising FSC-STD-30-005 V1-1 FSC Standard for Group Entities in Forest Management Groups (commonly named ‘the group standard’) met for the first time in Umeå, northern Sweden. 

The working group focused on identifying the aspects of the group standard that needed to be revised or clarified. Examples of these topics include: 

  • the sampling methods to select the number of management units that will be visited during the audits; 
  • the types of groups that can be set up and their definitions; or  
  • the internal quality management system of the group.  

During the meeting, the working group discussed some of these topics. Two other points - namely the requirements that can be met at the group level; and how to incorporate communities into the standard - will need to be analyzed further by sub-teams of the working group. 

The revision is coordinated by FSC, under the banner of the New Approaches for Smallholders and Communities Certification project. Therefore, the event occurred alongside a meeting of FSC around the ‘New Approaches’ project. This allowed the working group to become more familiar with other subjects that the New Approaches project team is also coordinating, such as the introduction of forestry contractors into the FSC certification scheme or the Smallholders Access Program pilot test

FSC Sweden and local stakeholders also joined the meeting for some sessions. This international collaboration allowed for a deeper understanding of Swedish forestry and its existing contractors’ system. 

Overall, the working group felt satisfied with the meeting and is looking forward to its continued efforts to revise the standard. The next meeting will take place in Carcavelos, Portugal, in June. The revision process is scheduled to finish in the first quarter of 2020. 
All FSC stakeholders can remain informed of the latest developments and contribute to the revision process by taking part in a consultative forum. Please  join the consultative forum by clicking on this link. You will then need to sign into a Google account to access the forum. 

For questions about the Group Standard revision process, please contact Joachim Meier-Dörnberg, FSC Social Policy Manager, at j.meier-doernberg@fsc.org, or Rosario Galán, FSC New Approaches Manager, at r.galan@fsc.org.  
For more details on the New Approaches project, please contact Vera Santos, FSC New Approaches Project Manager, at v.santos@fsc.org