The FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders became effective on 1 June 2019. Promotional license holders can now use the FSC trademarks for the promotion of FSC-certified products and related services following the guide. Read the document – available via the ‘Downloads’ section below.

The ‘Downloads’ section also includes a link to a crosswalk document reviewing the changes in the guide.

The transition period for this document is 12 months, starting on 1 June 2019 and ending on 31 May 2020. During this period, promotional licence holders are able to continue using the standard FSC-STD-50-002 V1-0 and the requirements for use of the ‘Forests for All Forever’ trademarks by non-certificate holders for their trademark use, or they may inform their trademark service provider that they wish to transition to FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders.

Check the process page on the guide revision or read our previous article on the launch of the guide for more information.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the FSC Trademark Management team at