Six FSC members make up this working group, representing the social, environmental, and economic chambers of the Global North and South. To support their work, a technical expert group has also been established, comprised of six regional representatives from each of FSC’s global regions and two certification body representatives. All together, they form the “IGI Group”. Balanced, consensus-based, and stakeholder-driven processes such as this one are at the core of FSC, and will ensure the development of IGIs that deliver on FSC’s mission and values.

Get involved!

In addition to the technical expertise they bring to this process, IGI Group members serve as liaisons to their respective sub-chambers, FSC Network Partners, or certification bodies, allowing for direct and meaningful participation by all stakeholder groups in the development of IGIs.

There will be many opportunities to engage in the process, and, as a first step, we encourage you to connect with your representative on the IGI Group. A list of IGI Group members with contact information can be found here.

The P&C revision – starting with its initial review in January 2009 and culminating in approval by the FSC membership in February 2012 – was the most comprehensive and thoroughly consulted processes in the history of the FSC. FSC is now eager to put this core FSC standard to practice through the development of IGIs and the transfer of national standards.

An updated timetable and other resources can be found on the IGI website. Please check it regularly for updates.