The FSC Policy on Conversion provides FSC’s general position and fundamental principles on conversion of natural forests and High Conservation Value areas to other land uses. The objective of the public consultation is to collect feedback on several fundamental policy principles. FSC encourages all interested stakeholders to participate and provide their input before the deadline.

The feedback from this third and final consultation will be discussed and incorporated into the final draft of FSC Policy on Conversion. The final draft policy is expected to be submitted to FSC Board of Directors by March 2021.

To help FSC members and stakeholders understand the development process and the proposals included in the third draft of the Conversion Policy, FSC conducted two webinars to present the policy proposals, and the webinar materials and recording can be accessed here. Please see below for information on the 3rd and final webinar in Spanish on 21st October 2020:


  • Webinar 3 (ES) at 17:00PM-18:00PM CET on 21 October 2020: Register Here.

To further support FSC membership and stakeholder participation in the consultation and to prepare for the conversion discussion at the FSC General Assembly (GA) 2021, FSC plans to organize a series of conversion dialogues. The information on the first conversion dialogue can be found here, and information for the second meeting here.

For more information on the FSC Policy on Conversion and the public consultation, please contact Yan Li, FSC Policy Manager, at