Our normative framework (policies, standards, procedures, among other documents) is the backbone of how we protect and manage forests worldwide. International FSC requirements are produced following the steps set out in FSC-PRO-01-001.

Revising this procedure is thus key in streamlining FSC’s normative framework to produce adaptive and user-friendly documents and continue effectively delivering on the FSC mission. Streamlining the FSC normative framework is a key goal in the FSC Global Strategy and we are looking for feedback from stakeholders to support this effort.

Key stakeholders for this consultation are FSC members, Network Partners/Regional Offices and FSC staff; but all input from any stakeholder group is welcome.

The procedure touches on governance topics, as it defines who takes decisions during the standard-setting process. It also includes requirements for engaging members and stakeholders, how working groups operate, and provisions for testing of requirements.  

Would you like to know more? Find a copy of the presentation used in our webinars in our current processes website.

Learn more about this revision process on the FSC website, under Current Processes.   Anyone interested to stay informed is invited to sign up to the Consultative Forum  mailing list    for updates on the revision of FSC-PRO-01-001. 

We are looking forward to your input!