A working group specialized in policy development elaborated on this second draft of the Policy on Conversion.

Next steps: to develop an operationalization mechanism

In parallel, a technical working group is in charge of developing a mechanism to implement the policy. Its members held a first face-to-face meeting in Bonn, Germany, between 21 and 24 January 2020, to develop the first draft of the operationalization mechanism for FSC Policy on Conversion.

Following the meeting, the technical working group will now finalize the first draft of the operationalization mechanism. Stakeholders will then be able to provide feedback on that draft through two public consultations. FSC will invite all of them to provide input on the first draft through the first round of public consultation – planned in April and May 2020.

Background information

At the FSC General Assembly 2017, the membership approved a motion requiring that FSC put in place a mechanism, building upon previous work, to develop a holistic policy on conversion. FSC has split the process to address this motion into two:

  • a chamber-balanced working group to develop a holistic policy on conversion, and
  • a technical working group to focus on the implementation of the policy.

The chamber-balanced working group developed the second draft of the policy on conversion. The public consultation is available here.

The technical working group was established in October 2019, to develop a mechanism translating the FSC Policy on Conversion into operational practices. The technical working group is expected to deliver the following outputs:

1. Criteria, indicators and thresholds: for conversion across the normative framework, including FSC Policy for Association, Principles and Criteria, international generic indicators (IGI), controlled wood standards (and others as needed), and related definitions.
2. Instructions for Standard Developers: to address any revised IGIs on conversion in national forest stewardship standards and interim national standards.
3. Develop a compensation procedure and proposals for verification: for organizations applying for association or certification, or disassociated organizations.
4. Draft text for a possible motion to the FSC General Assembly 2020: to reword FSC forest management standard, Principles and Criteria and to align the IGIs, national forest stewardship standards, Policy for Association and controlled wood standards with the policy on conversion.

For more information on the FSC Policy on Conversion and its operationalization mechanism, please contact Yan Li, Policy Manager Forest Management, at y.li@fsc.org.