The ‘small changes’ process mandated by the FSC Board of Directors at their 86th Meeting aims to improve aspects of gender inclusiveness and the glossary of terms by revising four International Generic Indicators (IGI) in the FSC-STD-60-004 V2-0 EN. For this purpose, an internal technical working group (I-TWG) was appointed in FSC’s Performance and Standards Unit (PSU) in October 2021 to propose draft revised IGI (1.6.4, 4.6.4, 2.2.3 and 2.2.5) and to define a new glossary term.

‘Small changes’ are defined as the revision or addition of one or two requirements. PSU is following Clause 2.2 in Annex 4 of FSC-PRO-01-001 Development and Revision of FSC Normative Documents to conduct this process. FSC is now inviting you to support the process by submitting your feedback through 11 May 2022. The public consultation can be accessed here.

Comments received during the public consultation will be analyzed by the I-TWG. PSU aims to complete the small changes process by the mid of 2022. For more background information please see the news item here. FSC will also be providing more information regarding this ‘Small changes’ process, and answer possible questions during a webinar expected to happen in April.

More details will be shared soon, stay tuned!

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