The Ecosystem Services Procedure: Impact Demonstration and Market Tools (ES procedure) offers a framework for verifying impacts and approving FSC ecosystem services claims that can be used by forest managers to access ecosystem services markets and/or other benefits. It sets out the requirements for FSC-certified forest managers to credibly demonstrate the impact of their activities on the maintenance, conservation, restoration or enhancement of ecosystem services.

FSC recommends proceeding with the full revision of ES procedure, considering the feedback provided by first users of the procedure, existing interpretations, and frequently asked questions.

A revision will contribute to delivering on the FSC Global Strategy 2021-2026, in particular on streamlining policies and standards towards outcome orientation, expanding the reach of FSC and its relevance in the fight against climate change and loss of biodiversity and accelerating the market uptake of FSC-certified products and ecosystem services.

As a first step, FSC is asking for your feedback which will be submitted to FSC Board of Directors as part of the final review report. If approved, FSC plans to start the process will begin in the first quarter of 2022.

For more information on the first draft and the public consultation, please contact Jiwon Sung, FSC Policy Officer (Forest Management and Ecosystem Services), at