As a result, the working group has now launched a public consultation, where participants are asked to review a proposal for FSC forestry contractor certification. The consultation is open until 7 January 2019.

The working group reviewed current FSC certification processes for smallholders and assessed the role forestry contractors play in forest management operations in various countries. The working group also studied how contractors contributed to ensure forest activities complied with the requirements of each applicable FSC standard. Smallholders often rely on their support to implement forest management activities. Thus, the work of the contractors usually results in the compliance of these activities with the FSC standard.

The proposal is the outcome of this in-depth analysis. Its main objective is to provide FSC with guidance on how forestry contractors could be included in the FSC system. This measure would help develop a more streamlined certification process for smallholders. It would also be a way to recognize and regulate the role that contractors have in the FSC certification process.

The proposal is submitted to public consultation to gather feedback from FSC stakeholders. The working group will revise the proposal after the consultation and then submit it to FSC.

Please provide feedback today.

For more information on the working group and the proposal, please contact Lauri Ilola, topic lead for forestry contractors, at

For more details on the New Approaches for Smallholders and Communities Certification project, please contact Vera Santos, Project Manager, at