The termination was effective 11 June 2019 and includes the company’s FSC Chain of Custody certificates. 

This decision follows FSC’s previous suspensions of Polyprom’s trademark license agreements in February 2019 after an investigation by Assurance Services International (ASI) concluded that charcoal products with uncertified content had been systematically sold by the company using the FSC label.

Under termination, Polyprom may not trade or sell any charcoal and/or charcoal products with an FSC claim, nor seek FSC certification of any kind.
The following Polyprom Group of companies have their licenses terminated effective 11 June 2019:
FC-COC-001001 - Perechin - USREOU Code: 00274105
SGS-COC-010598 - Naftakhim - USREOU Code: 36472721
SGS-COC-010615 - EWC
SGS-COC-003943 - CDL - USREOU Code: 04500988
SGS-COC-010450 - Polyprom - USREOU Code: 19155069
SGS-COC-010445 - EUROLAND - USREOU Code: 32350330
SGS-COC-010443 - Urchimexport - USREOU Code: 25543463
Because the Polyprom Group of companies chose to leave the FSC system rather than meet the FSC Chain of Custody standards, FSC has decided to block the Polyprom Group of companies from certification for the foreseeable future.  FSC is blocking the possibility of any of these companies acquiring a valid trademark license agreement (TLA), which is a prerequisite for holding a valid FSC certificate.  
Companies that do not, in good faith, follow the requirements of the FSC system will find themselves increasingly under scrutiny by FSC and ASI as the system takes strong measures against companies that trade with non-conforming products and/or use false FSC claims.