FSC’s statement follows a lengthy negotiation with Perechin to try to have Perechin commit to fixing inadequate controls related to FSC-certified wood in its product, and to address the non-conforming product in the market by recalling it or compensating for already sold material.

Perechin’s certificate was originally terminated in November 2019, along with the certificates of the members of the Polyprom Group, to which Perechin belongs. The termination followed an investigation, which revealed that charcoal products with uncertified content had consistently been sold by the organization and its members.

Following the 2019 termination, FSC worked with Perechin to identify operational areas that needed to be addressed to ensure uncertified material would not be included in its certified product. FSC required Perechin to sign an agreement to commit to these measures, address the non-conforming product that had entered the market, and to cover the costs of the investigation and subsequent work by FSC.

After eight months of negotiation, Perechin continues to refuse to sign this agreement. There-fore, to protect the integrity of the FSC supply chain, FSC has decided to use its resources elsewhere, and has removed itself from the Perechin negotiation.

Perechin’s FSC certificate (FC-COC-001001) is terminated.

FSC has zero-tolerance on corruption, deforestation, illegal logging or related activities. Whenever illicit acts by certificate holders are identified or reported, they are investigated, and if proven to be substantiated, the certificate is suspended or terminated. In extreme cases, the certificate holder is blocked completely from the FSC system.