As the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon is incredibly important to our planet’s biodiversity as well as a key source of tropical timber. The open letter addresses forest authorities,  forest managers and owners in the Brazilian Amazon, presenting the need for more FSC-certified supply from their forests. Companies across the European timber import industry have signed to express their support. The letter brings attention to the current trends and demand for responsibly sourced timber and highlights how Amazonian timber can play a role in the future of sustainable forestry.

Signatories of the letter express their interest in:

  • Timber of good and sustainable origin and non-destructive logging methods.
  • Forest management practices that sustain long term forest production.
  • FSC certified timber, including lesser-known timber species.

When it comes to achieving certification, a common hesitation of forest owners is the uncertainty of demand for certified products. This initiative is a concrete statement that European buyers are willing to increase their FSC-certified supply, therefore encouraging an increase in the output of FSC materials. With an increase in requirements for responsible forest management practices and documentation already being implemented across the globe, there is a great potential for Brazilian forest owners to become certified.

FSC certification adds value to forests while protecting them for future generations. Through this open letter initiative, European timber importers are making it clear that they support an increase in certified areas in Brazil and will work to sustain the market share of responsibly sourced timber. It is a significant step forward and encouraging sign that we can work together to ensure that tropical timber from the Amazon remains a key and sustainable resource for generations to come.

The Danish importer Keflico is acting as secretary of the group.

Contact Information:
Kasper Kopp, Head of Sourcing & Compliance at Keflico A/S, email:

The full letter can be accessed below.

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Open Letter from European Timber Importers to the Brazilian Forest Sector.pdf
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