Advice note: Addressing deliberate false claims

In November 2016, the FSC Board of Directors approved the revised versions of FSC-STD-40-004 (V3-0), FSC-STD-20-011 (V4-0) and an additional set of actions for ensuring supply chain integrity and addressing false claims in the FSC system.

The advice note applies to certification bodies and certificate holders and specifies the actions that shall be taken when false claims are identified.

When an organization that made a deliberate false claim is identified, the organization’s FSC Trademark Licence is suspended, and the organization is restricted from carrying out processes or activities that are included within the scope of their FSC certification. The organization can undertake actions described in the advice note to remove these restrictions.

In addition, the advice note provides measures for certificate holders to ensure that they do not inadvertently enter a business relationship with an organization known to have deliberately made a false claim – for example, when they outsource services or want to add a new group member or a participating site.

Procedure: Calculating financial penalty/compensation fee and processing evidence for blocked organizations

In addition to the advice note, FSC has developed a procedure for the calculation of the financial penalty/compensation fee and when an organization chooses to rebut the false claim.

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