The initiative was taken by retail giant, Officeworks, because it is aware of the impact its paper-based products can have on the environment. The initiative, called ‘Restoring Australia’, will help Officeworks to mitigate its eco-footprint.

Now in its third year, ‘Restoring Australia’ has resulted in over 570,000 trees being planted in ten sites across Australia. The sites were carefully selected to maximize the positive impact on biodiversity and the restoration of degraded lands. These regions have seen high land-clearing rates resulting in a natural habitat loss of 85 per cent with many animal species losing their homes, including the Corangamite water skink, Eastern barred bandicoot, Eastern quoll, regent honeyeater and swift parrot.

The initiative aims to turn this around and reverse the decline of these threatened species by planting trees that restore woodland ecosystems, provides new habitats for wildlife and rejuvenates bushland.

Officeworks has taken this commitment to the environment a step further, with a goal that by December 2020, all their paper products will be either FSC certified or made from 100% recycled materials.

Committing to full FSC certification and forest restoration, Officeworks positions itself as a leader in corporate responsibility.

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