If you are a company that is not already certified and would like to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable forest management and responsible sourcing, then an FSC promotional licence might be for you.

Companies that are not FSC-certified but buy finished and FSC-labelled products can use the FSC trademarks for promotion, through an FSC promotional licence. The promotional licence makes it easier for sellers to convey to customers that each FSC product has been verified, thereby increasing trust and confidence in the seller’s credibility. A promotional licence enables businesses to use the FSC trademarks to promote these products without requiring certification.

When a company becomes an FSC promotional licence holder, they can use FSC trademarks in advertising, video content, printed materials, social media, in-store, reports, training materials, press releases and more. FSC can be an important part of realizing your sustainability or corporate social responsibility strategies and communicating this to consumers.

We have created a short video to highlight the immense value that a promotional licence can bring – Watch below to learn more:

For further information, visit us at https://fsc.org/en/promote-with-fsc