It has come to our attention that not all members were aware of this new rule, and we apologize for any inconvenience this misunderstanding may have caused.

FSC Members join one of three chambers – environmental, social and economic – which are further sub-divided into northern and southern sub-chambers.

Each proposed motion must contain the name and affiliation of the person proposing the motion (the proposer) and the name of two persons seconding the motion (the seconders). Only individual members or the designated representative of an organizational member (who have no outstanding membership fees) can propose or second a motion.

If a motion is submitted by a member from the environmental chamber for example, it will now need to be seconded by a member from the social chamber and also by a member from the economic chamber.

Please check in the archive of the motions area that your motion(s) include seconders and proposers from each chamber, and that these representatives have included their full details.

If your motion is not yet submitted by representatives from the three chambers, please contact members of the other chambers that you already know or contact Guillermina Garza ( for information on how to get in touch with other members.

Please note that the final deadline to resubmit revised motions to the committee is 12 May 2017.

If English or Spanish is not your first language and you need editing assistance, please contact Carla Brown at