FSC has published version 2-0 of the NRA for Russia.

Among minor updates to the working group members and some clarifying edits across the document, several major changes have been made.

These changes include:

  • Clarification of which sources of material are not covered by the NRA.
  • New control measures to mitigate the risk of sourcing material that is improperly considered salvaged.
  • A federal subject added to the specified risk areas of HCV 2 (landscape-level ecosystems and mosaics).

A complete list of all differences between V1-1 and V2-0 of the NRA can be found in the “Update and Revision History” section at the end of the NRA.

Version 2-0 becomes effective on 23 December 2021. Certificate holder have 6 months to update their due diligence system (DDS) to reflect this revision.