Global specialty materials provider Eastman, the maker of sustainably sourced Naia cellulosic yarn, has now aligned its entire forestry supply chain with the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) sourcing standards, including controlled wood procedures.

With this, Eastman is ready to offer customers FSC Mix-certified Naia cellulosic yarn. The FSC Mix label will signify that Naia is made with a mix of materials from FSC-certified forests and controlled wood.

“We are delighted to introduce FSC Mix to our customers,” said Ruth Farrell, Eastman’s global marketing director of textiles. “At Eastman, we are committed to a systems-based approach to sustainable forest management that ensures transparency and traceability. The FSC Mix label will provide our customers the next level of assurance that our products come from responsible sources.”

Eastman has also expanded its FSC Chain of Custody certification to include other global Eastman sites.

“We welcome Eastman’s engagement with FSC certification as a practical solution to implement its sustainable sourcing policy,” said Jeremy Harrison, Chief Marketing Officer at FSC International. “This is a great step for the whole textile industry, since FSC certification will give Eastman’s customers the confidence that the materials they’re purchasing are responsibly sourced, therefore contributing to forest conservation through the implementation of best social and environmental practices.”