Malaysia Forest

The National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) of Malaysia FSC-STD-MYS-01-2018 EN has gone through an unscheduled partial revision. The changes in this partial revision affect some requirements for Forest Management certification.  The changes include the following additions to the NFSS:

  • international generic indicators V2-0;
  • indicators for non-timber forest products (among them, natural rubber/latex); and
  • the national framework for the High Conservation Values as an annex within the NFSS.

For more details on the objectives of the partial revision and the changes in this new version, refer to section 2 of the standard.

The NFSS for Malaysia (FSC-STD-MYS-01.1-2021 EN) will become effective on 01 May 2022.

For any queries on the NFSS for Malaysia, please contact FSC Malaysia:  

The NFSS for Malaysia (English version) can be consulted in the FSC Document Centre. A translated (Bahasa Malaysia) version will be available on FSC Malaysia’s website in due course. Visit FSC Malaysia’s newsroom for more related news.

*Photo Author: Charmaine Chee, FSC Malaysia