The candidates for the FSC 2017 Board Elections have been announced, and we would like to introduce them to you, our members.

  • Rulita Wijayaningdyah, Timber Employees Union, Peninsular Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Athanase Didier Tsanga Ada, Individual Member, Cameroon

  • Hubert Kwisthout, Individual Member, United Kingdom
  • Leendert van der Vlist, Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples, The Netherlands

  • Mauro J. Capóssoli Armeli, Amigos da Terra - Amazônia Brasileira, Brazil
  • Georges Belmond Tchoumba, Individual Member, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Barbara Bramble. Individual Member, United States of America
  • Patrick Spencer, Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, United States

  • Estevao Do Prado Braga, Suzano Unidade de Manejo Florestal – Mucuri, Brazil
  • Babacar Salif Guèye, Individual Member, Senegal

  • Alan Thorne, Tembec, Canada
  • Michael E Jani, Individual Member, United States of America
  • Robert Hunik, Precious Woods Holding Ltd, Switzerland

The full profiles of these candidates will be available in the members’ portal online in the coming days.

Voting will take place online from June to September, and the results will be announced in October.
Please note that each member must submit a total of 6 votes, one for a representative from each sub-chamber. If you are not comfortable with submitting a vote for a representative in a particular sub-chamber, you must still submit a vote of abstention, and will therefore still submit 6 votes, even if some are in abstention.

For more information, contact Guille Garza at