We know that as a responsible shopper you want sustainable gifting choices, ideally bearing the FSC label. In the past, you might have spent hours scouring the expanses of search engine to find these gift options. But not anymore! Our brand-new Forest-Friendly Gift Guide will solve this problem by presenting a range of different FSC-certified products in one online location.

Only a few products are available now. We will gradually add new FSC-certified present ideas to develop the gift guide during the next months.

What is the Forest-Friendly Gift Guide?

The Forest-Friendly Gift Guide is designed to help you find FSC-certified present ideas for all occasions – birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc.– and for different preferences and personalities, whether it is for your romantic sister, your gourmet foodie mom, or your garden-loving uncle.

The guide is available digitally in our Marketing and Communications Toolkit. Please follow this link to reach it.

If you like something, click on the “Buy the product” button below the item description. You will be re-directed to the website of the company supplying the item, where you can easily purchase it.

Screenshot - Page 'For a Decoration Fan'

Does your company want to add products to our guide?

The gift guide is a great way to promote FSC-certified products in their full diversity, as we want to showcase as many different products as possible: some expected products such as furniture is featured, but also the unexpected, whether it be a football, toys, shoes or gloves.

If you are an FSC-certified company and would like to submit your products to the guide, please contact us via: info@fsc.org.

You will need to send us a brief description of the product (100 words maximum) as well as its FSC license code (FSC-C followed by six digits) for consideration.