A new case study by the Forest Stewardship Council U.S. explores Kimberly-Clark’s continuous improvement journey. From sourcing FSC-certified fiber and putting the FSC label on its iconic products such as KLEENEX, to taking action to reshape its industry, Kimberly-Clark has engaged with FSC to ensure that they are supporting responsible forest management.

For Kimberly-Clark, engaging with FSC has become a part of the company’s communications and marketing strategy, in addition to helping them to achieve strategy objectives and mitigate supply chain risk.

Read the case study here: https://us.fsc.org/en-us/newsroom/newsletter/id/941

Kimberly-Clark is telling its story with the FSC label

“The whole premise for FSC in our consumer tissue business was as a supply chain strategy,” said Brenda Nelson, Senior Director of Cost Transformation and Continuous Improvement at Kimberly-Clark. “We did not start with consumer or customer insights but when we saw that FSC could help distinguish our products, labeling was the most obvious thing to do,” she added.

Going forward, Kimberly-Clark will continue to innovate. Decisions the company makes – whether about products, supply chains, labeling or packaging – become industry standards. “Sustainability has become table stakes for our types of products,” Andy Clement, Vice President of Sales for Kimberly-Clark Professional tells, adding, “Nobody debates it. It’s who we are.”