This webinar is part of the FSC ‘Out of the Woods’ series, where we look at how different sectors can reach sustainability goals with the help of FSC certification. Our guest speakers from Birla Cellulose, Canopy, H&M, and FSC will address the topics of collaboration and cooperation in the fashion industry, highlighting their value for the protection of the world’s forests.

Join our webinar ‘Forests and Fashion, The Value of Fashion Cooperation: Working Together to Protect Forests’, on Wednesday, 2 March, from 15:00 to 16:00 (Central European Time) to discover how the textiles sector can help us reach our goal to have Forests For All Forever.

You can register following this link.

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If you would like to (re-)watch the previous webinar regarding the rubber sector, the video is now live here  on our Youtube channel.

OOTW forests and fashion graphic