Speakers from Living Building Challenge, Canary Wharf and Interholco will participate in this webinar. They will present their efforts to improve sustainability in the construction sector and explain how FSC certification enables them to achieve their sustainability goals. Join us on Tuesday 22 July from 16:30 to 17:30 (Central European Time) to discover how the construction sector can help us reach our goal to have Forests For All Forever.

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This webinar is the second of a new FSC series called ‘Out of the woods’. Through this series, we will look at how different sectors – including the fashion and construction sectors – can reach their sustainability goals with the help of FSC certification.

Please contact the FSC marketing team if you have any questions related to this webinar: marketing@fsc.org.

If you would like to (re-)watch the previous webinar around the fashion sector, the video is now live here in our Youtube channel.