JELD-WEN has long been a supporter of FSC and its UK and French operations have offered FSC products in the market for many years. Now JELD-WEN has extended this to include all of its sites in Europe, from Finland in the North to France in the South.

Christian Frisk, JELD-WEN’s European CCO said, “We have a sustainable timber sourcing policy and are extremely proud to have the multi-site chain of custody certificate for our European operations. We selected FSC as we share in their commitment to sustainable practices and in addition FSC is widely recognised amongst our customer base. Our policy is to offer our customers as broad a range of chain of custody certified products as possible, and currently we have FSC and PEFC doors available across Europe”

JELD-WEN’s multi-site certificate is based on auditing services by NEPCon. CEO of NEPCon Peter Feilberg comments: “I congratulate JELD-WEN on their new level of commitment to FSC. Years ago, I worked with JELD-WEN in Denmark, Estonia and Latvia when they first obtained individual FSC certificates, so I am aware of the commitment JELD-WEN has put forth to implement the certification system at their factories; I am thrilled to see that the company has now achieved FSC certification covering all their European facilities. As JELD-WEN is a key supplier to the construction sector, I am convinced that this move will help place certified wood products more firmly on the sustainable building agenda”.

Aimed at combating the many problems of illegal logging and associated trades, the new EU timber regulations which are expected to come into force in March 2013, lay down the obligation of operators who place timber products in the market to ensure that only timber products which have been produced in accordance with the regulations enter the EU. “JELD-WEN’s multi-site certificate means we are well on our way to being ready for the new legislation” added Frisk “not because others expect it, but because it makes good business sense and it’s the right thing to do.”