The IUFRO Forest Products Conference is an important scientific meeting held every 4 years, and this time saw more than 500 researchers from around 60 countries gathered together to present their research findings related to wood, wood processing and the marketing of forest products.

The conference is designated as a “green conference”. The 5 thematic areas are:

- Forest for people
- Resources for the future
- Bioenergy
- Forest Climate Change
- Wood in Constructions

One of the issues raised in several sessions is the fact that the “sustainable use of forest products is carbon neutral”, a tenet which we should all consider when we invest in building materials, furniture and consumer products.

The keynote speaker, FAO Assistant-General Director Eduardo Rojas Briales, concluded that increasing demand for forest products will improve profitability of sustainable forest management, in turn having long-lasting effects on forest resources. The most likely contribution of forests to climate change is related to the substitution of wood-based products in the building sector. Sustainable building is one, if not the most, important opportunity for upscaling forests role in green economies,

For more information, please visit the conference website