In December 2016, FSC International opened the call for nominations for the 2017 election of six new (or re-elected) members of the FSC International Board of Directors.

The FSC International Board of Directors informed the FSC Membership that the nomination period might be extended as follows:
“The BoD decides the nominations period will be extended for 30 days if there are no candidates or if there is only one candidate for a position.
Extension will apply only to that particular chamber (or sub-chamber) position.
After 30 days of extension, nominations will close, as long as there is at least one candidate for a position.
If after 30 days there are still no candidates for a position, the nominations period will be extended for successive 30 day periods until there is at least one candidate for a position.”

On 15 February 2017, we reached the deadline for nominations; we have more than one candidate for five of the six subchambers seats available in this election.

Only ONE candidate has been nominated for the ENVIRONMENTAL NORTH seat; therefore the nomination period for candidates for this seat is extended by 30 days. Nominations for all other seats are closed.

Please send your nomination for candidates for the Environmental North seat by latest 15 March 2017.

We thank all of you who took the time to submit or second a nomination, and also thank all candidates. You will receive more information in the coming days.

If you need the nomination documents for the Environmental North seat, or further information, please contact Guillermina Garza: