Three speakers who participated in this year’s In Good Company have written inspiring opinion pieces around key topics that were discussed during the event:

1) Why building supply chain integrity is key to managing operational and reputational risks
To succeed in an increasingly resource-constrained and competitive wood products market, companies need to manage operational and reputational risk. That requires a transition from a short-term buying approach into a long-term system of building and managing the integrity of the value chain of wood products, says Angel Llavero Cruz, WWF Forest Product Markets and Supply Chain Coordinator, who reflects in this article on the importance for businesses to manage supply chain integrity and the role of FSC.

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2) Five steps to stimulating demand for sustainable products in a competitive marketplace
Responsibly sourced timber is better for the environment, better for business and better for everyone involved in the timber trade, but how do we communicate that to consumers? In this article Justin Smith, Head of Sustainability at Woolworths Group, provides five tips on how to successfully market sustainably and responsibly sourced products.

In Good Company 2015 (IGC 2015)

3) Why the future success of the timber trade depends on your customers’ confidence
Tropical timber production rose again last year – a good sign for the industry – but how do we capitalise on this post-recession growth period, and how do we overcome the negative public image of the tropical timber trade? Jose Canchaya, Business Manager at Maderacre SAC, explains why trust – from supplier to consumer – is key to the long-term success of the tropical timber industry.