HCVs in forests are highly valuable in terms of biodiversity values, ecological values, and importance for local people. FSC dedicates an entire principle to the maintenance of HCVs (i.e., Principle 9 of the FSC Principles and Criteria).

FSC established the HCV Technical Working Group (HCV- TWG) in 2015 with the mandate to develop the HCV guidance on how to better identify, assess, manage and maintain and/or enhance HCVs in FSC-certified forests.

The set is composed of four documents‚ click on each title to read the documents:

a. Guidance to Standard Development Groups Developing National High Conservation Value Frameworks (FSC-GUI-60-009 V1.0)
b. Template for National High Conservation Value Frameworks (FSC-GUI-60-009a V1-0)
c. HCV Guidance for Forest Managers (FSC-GUI-30-009 V1.0)
d. Intact Forest Landscapes for Forest Managers (FSC-GUI-30-010 V1-0).

To see more information about the process and the HCV-TWG, please click here.

Please read this overview of the published documents for more details on their scope, target groups and link with other existing HCV guidance documents.