This revision aims to produce a more efficient and effective procedure, that streamlines FSC normative framework and that, in turn, contributes to strengthening the FSC system. 

Our normative framework (policies, standards, procedures, among other documents) is the backbone of how we protect and manage forests worldwide. Revising the PRO-01-001 is key in streamlining FSC’s normative framework, for with adaptive and user-friendly documents we can continue effectively delivering on the FSC mission.   

In addition to developing a technical working group to revise the procedure, FSC hired an expert to prepare a white paper. The white paper informs FSC membership about why FSC needs to streamline the current procedure, and how this will help FSC to streamline the normative framework. The white paper has been uploaded as a background material to this consultation.  

The revised draft version of the procedure introduces new concepts in the development and revision process of FSC’s normative documents. For example, conducting a revision or development process can now be done with more flexibility, by following one of three pathways. Also, there is a new “scoping” phase that allows involving stakeholders early in the process so they can provide feedback on the key solutions and the intent, or outcomes, of the revision or development process before the actual drafting.  

Would you like to know more? You are kindly invited to participate in the first public consultation of FSC-PRO-01-001 to let us know your opinion! If you have provided feedback into our normative framework previously, your input is especially encouraged as we are changing stakeholder feedback processes. 

Learn more about this revision process on the FSC website, under Current Processes (here).    

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If you would like more information before filling in your responses, we are holding webinars that will go through the main proposals of this revision.   


  • 9:00-10:00 CET, 10 November 2021, English: Register here 
  • 17:00-18:00 CET, 10 November 2021,English and Spanish (simultaneous translation): Register here