We’re excited to announce that a new group of experts will work on updating FSC’s Policy for Association, our safeguard against organizations accountable for unacceptable activities.

The members of the technical working group are:



Ricardo Camargo Cardoso 

Forest Certification Coordinator, Imaflora (Brazil)

Karen Kirkman

Environmental Consultant, KE Kirkman Consulting (South Africa)

Andrew Ng

Partner, Grassroots Consulting (Malaysia)

Karen Steer 

Senior Manager, Rainforest Alliance (USA)

Happy Tarumadevyanto

Forest Certification, Stakeholder Engagement and Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Alastair Fraser Forestry Foundation (Indonesia)

The group will provide technical, scientific and strategic advice to clarify and update the expectations and conditions for association with FSC. They will pick up from the extensive progress already made by a group of FSC members who worked on this policy from 2014-17.

For more information on this project, including the terms of reference for the group, you can check out the dedicated process page here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Saija Hotti, FSC Program Manager for Dispute System Transformation, at s.hotti@fsc.org.