To seek clarifications around the specific allegations of destruction of high conservation values and the violation of traditional and human rights in forestry operations in relation to the current Policy for Association case.

In November 2017, an independent complaints panel appointed by FSC – composed of FSC members representing the social, environmental and economic perspectives – initiated an investigation of the Policy for Association (PfA) complaint filed by Mighty Earth against the Korindo Group. The complaint alleged that the Korindo Group is in violation of FSC’s PfA through its involvement in significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest use, destruction of high conservation values and violation of traditional and human rights due to its clearing of forests for the establishment of oil palm plantations in Indonesia.

The investigation report describing the findings by the complaints panel was concluded in April 2018 and presented to the FSC International Board of Directors (BoD) at their latest meeting in August. The FSC BoD is the final decision maker for PfA complaints.

FSC BoD discussed the results of the complaints panel investigation and concluded that additional expert analysis is needed to clarify important questions raised in the course of the investigation, specifically around the allegations of destruction of high conservation values and the violation of traditional and human rights.

The FSC Secretariat will appoint independent expertise to conduct this additional analysis. The FSC BoD will postpone their decision on the case until March 2019 when the results of this complementary analysis will be available.

Meanwhile, the FSC BoD continues to expect Korindo to invest all the necessary efforts and to implement all the required measures in order to address any risks of being involved in activi-ties defined as unacceptable under the FSC PfA. This includes FSC’s expectation for Korindo to uphold its current moratorium on further oil palm development.

Additional information on the FSC Dispute Resolution System, including the Policy for Association is available here.