FSC is developing and implementing RBA in forest management certification to improve certification uptake and the impact of FSC’s forest management standards, while maintaining credibility and consistency. The approach aims to match verification efforts (auditing and certification) to risks, focusing on the issues of highest risk and opportunity, and decreasing efforts on issues with low risk.  

In 2018 FSC published a procedure and guideline to incorporate RBA in national forest stewardship standards. In 2019 a discussion paper on a risk-based framework for auditing at certificate holder level was developed.  Stakeholders were consulted on the RBA procedure, guideline and discussion paper in 2019 and these will be amended based on strategic direction provided by the FSC International Board of Directors.   

The objective of the technical working group is to advise and provide content-related input to finalize the revision of the RBA procedure (FSC-PRO-60-010) and guideline (FSC-GUI-60-010). The main activity of the technical working group will be to further develop a risk-based verification system for forest management certification. 

FSC is particularly seeking technical experts working for certification bodies, independent auditors, network partners and certificate holders.  

The ideal applicant should have expertise in forest management auditing requirements and its implementation at certificate holder level and be familiar with risk-based approaches concepts within FSC and/ or ISEAL members, or ISO.   

Please check the terms of reference – available at the end of this article – for all the requirements. FSC will cover all travel costs associated with the in-person meetings of the working group.  

The first working group meeting will take place 11 – 13 May in Bonn, Germany.    

Applicants fitting this profile are invited to send their CV and the completed application form to System Performance Manager, Dorothee Jung-Wilhelm at d.jung-wilhelm@fsc.org   

Click here for more information about this initiative, including background materials. 

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