The High Conservation Value (HCV) assessment framework of the Australian NRA has been corrected to accurately reflect the findings of the NRA itself. You can download version 1-1 of the Australian NRA on the FSC document centre.

The Canadian NRA has undergone an urgent revision of indicator 4.1 (Conversion of natural forests to plantations or non-forest use). The risk description and risk designations have changed, and as a result version 1-0 will remain available on the FSC document centre for 6 months alongside version 2-0. After this time, certificate holders will have to have adapted their DDS and only version 2-0 will be available. You can download version 2-0 of the Canadian NRA on the FSC document centre.

Both NRAs now have an “Update and Revision History” section at the end of the document for easy understanding of what has changed in the latest version.