The Green Standards were endorsed in 2009 by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, the State Olympic construction company SC Olympstroy, and the Sochi 2014 Olympic Organizing Committee.

These standards specify that FSC certified construction timber, finishing and decorative materials be used, similar to LEED or BREEAM specifications used elsewhere.

FSC certified timber will be used for all construction including buildings, transport and energy infrastructure, as well as related nature protection projects in the region.

In addition, the organising committee of Sochi 2014 Olympic games will use FSC certified office materials, food packaging and printing products.

FSC is currently engaged in discussion with the endorsing bodies to ensure the practical implementation of the Green Standard.

In April 2011, FSC and Olympstroy organized a workshop in Sochi for developers and builders of Olympic installations.

In September 2011, FSC and Olympstroy together issued the Catalogue of FSC Certified Products offered by Russian companies and distributed it widely among developers and builders of Olympic infrastructure.

The Russian Olympic organizations worked with builders to ensure the use of FSC certified timber in all related construction work.

Andrei Ptichnikov, Director of FSC’s Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Regional Office, said, “The Sochi project is the example of absolutely new environmental thinking in the construction sector in Russia. At the moment we are working with our partners both in Sochi and in the supply side to ensure proper logistics and delivery of FSC certified products to the Olympic Games in Sochi.”

In spring 2012 the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee and FSC plan to hold a workshop to develop local FSC markets, and have stated that they will further develop their ‘green program’ to include the requirement that all paper products for the event be FSC certified, including office paper, printed materials, envelopes and tickets.