Through a robust process consisting of a chamber balanced Working Group, the original FPIC Guidelines were updated. The first FSC FPIC Guidelines were published in 2012 as a first-time guideline in voluntary certification schemes. The second version has used best practices and learnings from the original FSC FPIC Guidelines and now includes a broad geographic scope from first-hand experience on the ground as well as the different perspectives for certificate holders and the affected rights holders. Instructions for Standard Development Groups are given in addition. Certification Bodies are also encouraged to use it. 

The FPIC Guidelines are integral for organizations managing forestry operations on land where Indigenous Peoples or local communities have legal, traditional or customary rights. FSC standards in Principle 3 and 4 outline responsible forest management practices, which are dependent on any operation engaging appropriately with those affected rights holders. FSC certificate holders must be unequivocal about any operation violating their rights, which is ensured by proper implementation of FPIC and the ultimate achievement of an FPIC agreement. FSC is proud to have developed a new version of FPIC Guidelines to steer our certificate holders in just forestry operations while holding up the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.  

We would like to thank the hard work done by The FPIC Working Group and their liaising supporters, as well as the contributors to consultations. We are proud of the work by our stakeholders into delivering this milestone document to strengthen FSC’s mission of environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.