This new FSC guidance outlines an easy-to-use set of examples to engage stakeholders for those looking to get FSC certified or those already certified. FSC members and other stakeholders can also apply this guidance towards their stakeholder engagement practices.   

Through its normative framework, FSC has established a set of stakeholder engagement requirements to ensure that the mission of promoting environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests is realized. This requires the engagement of the diverse breadth of stakeholders, whether it is through members, certificate holders, certification bodies, surrounding communities, Indigenous Peoples and more. The FSC Guidance for Stakeholder Engagement uses a three-step approach to outline how to map and engage relevant stakeholders. To learn more read the whole document here.  

This guidance was developed as a result of Motion 27/2014.: Expert review of the stakeholder engagement processes for certificate holders and production of clear guidance for certificate holders and stakeholders. FSC would like to thank ETIFOR for their contributions in developing the document, certificate holders who shared their experience as case studies, as well as FSC network partners and staff in the regions for their assistance.