FSC strives to support the EU Commission in developing a new EU Forest Strategy ensuring that environmental, social, and economic aspects of forests are equally valued. In a newly published brief, FSC has shared how robust forest certification schemes with strict sustainability standards, such as FSC, can complement the new strategy objectives on the ground. The brief highlights that FSC can:


  1. Drive the demand for sustainable forest management practices encompassing biodiversity protection across Europe
  2. Enhance forest protection, in particular of primary and old-growth forests, via High Conservation Values (HCVs) rules
  3. Enable the conditions for forest resilience
  4. Support restoration of degraded forest ecosystems
  5. Promote the import of products not involving deforestation
  6. Ensure consistency with international commitments and the EU Green Deal

You can read the brief below. For more info, please contact FSC's EU Advocacy Manager, Matteo Mascolo, at: m.mascolo@fsc.org


FSC: a ready-made tool to support the EU Forest Strategy objectives
PDF, Size: 299.11KB