After Motion 59 was approved by the membership at the FSC General Assembly 2008 in Cape Town, FSC changed the structure of its international network.

It now consists of four Regional Offices and 45 Network Partners grouped into three levels of engagement – National Offices, National Representatives and National Focal Points, each offering a different range of services.

National Focal Points provide information to interested parties in their country and guide stakeholders through the FSC system.

For other services or in cases where a formal representation is required, the stakeholders can approach the relevant Regional Office.

FSC currently has eight National Focal Points, in Argentina, Colombia, Fiji, Kenya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Uganda.

National Representatives are individuals that represent FSC to stakeholders and governmental institutions, and work on enhancing FSC certification and promoting FSC.

Six countries have National Representatives, being China, India, Italy, Republic of Congo, South Africa and Ukraine.

National Offices offer the full spectrum of FSC services at the national level, representing FSC in the country to stakeholders and governmental institutions, and communicating the views of national stakeholders to FSC International.

National Offices ensure a consistent, transparent and participatory application of the FSC system in their respective countries.

They also protect FSC’s intellectual property rights, use of the FSC trademark, and conduct market development activities.

In addition, they offer a forum where members with different interests and backgrounds can discuss and find consensus on forest management-related issues.

There are currently 31 National Offices, in Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and USA.

In addition to these Network Partners, FSC has four Regional Offices that support and coordinate with the Network Partners, and represent FSC in countries where there is no local Network Partner.

These Offices and their respective Regional Directors are: Latin America (Pina Gervassi,, Lima, Peru), Africa (Elie Hakizumwami,, Yaoundé, Cameroon), Commonwealth of Independent States (Andrei Ptichnikov,, Moscow, Russia), and Asia-Pacific (Alistair Monument,, Hong Kong, China).

FSC Network Partners, the International Center and its Regional Offices create a strong structure supporting a truly global system for the responsible management of the world’s forests, with thorough knowledge of the local context.

Stakeholders are therefore assured a wide range of expertise for the fulfillment of their service needs.

For further information and contact details of FSC’s Network Partners and FSC Regional Offices, see: