Photo of a tropical forest in Gabon

The revised FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) of The Republic of Gabon applies to all categories of management units as described in section 2.2 Scope of the standard, operating in natural forest and/or plantations.

The revision process of the NFSS of The Gabonese Republic started in 2015 and consisted of:

  • the adaptation to the FSC Principles and Criteria version 5-2 and
  • the inclusion of important indicators related to Intact Forest Landscapes, wood tracking, Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ rights.

A chamber-balanced standard development group conducted the revision following a multi-stakeholder process including both virtual and face-to-face consultations. The revised NFSS was passed through field testing and stakeholder involvement to ensure its applicability.

For any queries on the revised standard, please contact Mr. Emmanuel Bayani, FSC Standard Development Group Chairperson: /

The NFSS for Gabon (English and French versions) can be viewed in the FSC Document Center here. The FSC Africa newsroom offers you more related news.