Nearly 65.000 COC certified sites and more than 1.000 COC auditors need training on COC requirements.  We are pleased to announce that we will start a new commercial service: A fully-fledged COC online training that covers the FSC-STD-40-004 Standard as well as the complementary normative documents. The course has been reviewed and approved by PSU and supported by FSC International 

The training course has two main target groups: Practitioners, such as current or future staff of certificate holders, consultants, and auditors. For the auditor version of the course, an additional unit on the accreditation requirements is available. The training is currently available in English and – for practitioners - also in German. The training can be concluded with a quiz, and a certificate will be awarded if the quiz is completed successfully. The global, uniform price is 95 Euro per enrollment. 

The courses are accessible on this website. For more information on the course please find Information in English, and Information in German.