On 8 September 2020, Members of the EU Parliament’s AGRI Committee voted on a draft non-legislative report, The European Forest Strategy - The Way Forward” led by MEP Petri Sarvamaa, stressing the need for an ambitious, independent and self-standing post-2020 Forest Strategy. The new strategy, which is due to be revealed by the Commission at the beginning of 2021, should ensure the continuity of the multifunctional role played by forests.

FSC has joined the EU forest sector and co-signed a letter to the Members of the European Parliament to support the report, which will be voted on 6 October 2020 at the EU Parliament’s Plenary Session. The statement can be found here. There are three main reasons FSC supports the report:

1) Sustainable forest management counts

The report builds on sustainability principles which foster the environmental, economic and social benefits of forests and forest management in a balanced manner. It strives to find an equilibrium between biodiversity preservation, climate protection and economic output, in which no function dominates the others. 

2) People, jobs and rural areas count

The report puts human aspects into focus by referring, in particular, to people who work and make their living directly or indirectly from forests and the forest-based sector, but also to citizens who enjoy the multiple benefits forests provide on a daily basis. 

3) Coherence, coordination and teamwork count

The report calls for an ambitious, independent and self-standing EU Forest Strategy post-2020 and highlights the need for it to be coordinated and better integrated with relevant EU legislations. 

 Should you have any questions, please contact FSC’s EU Advocacy Manager: m.mascolo@fsc.org