The hybrid onsite and online event will focus on nature-based recovery, driving responses to climate change, and ensuring biodiversity conservation. As an IUCN member, FSC will participate in a myriad of sessions and outreach activities covering relevant conservation topics. 

On 4 September, FSC is hosting a campus event in conjunction with CGIAR, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development and the Fondation d’Entreprise Biotope. In this onsite-only event, titled Supporting Conservation by Playing a Game? Seriously? participants will explore the multifaceted problems facing sustainable landscape management. Focusing on the importance of diversity and by using the methodology of the Focus Forests Project, the session will demonstrate the potential of multi-stakeholder groups in overcoming the challenges posed by diverse actors. Much of the session will focus on active engagement in a facilitated game to identify relevant groups, rules of power play, and the need for effective communication between all relevant actors.  

FSC is also a lead partner in two other events: Change Makers: Driving the Transformation of Forest Ecosystems through Restoration, and The Future of Conservation: Scaling ambition through rights-based approaches. In the online-only Change Makers session, FSC, together with the members of the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration and the IUCN Forest Conservation Program, will discuss how international institutions upscale forest landscape restoration through the Bonn Challenge, which has resulted in 170 million hectares of pledges, millions of hectares under restoration, and quantified benefits for biodiversity, climate and jobs. In The Future of Conservation, an onsite and online session on 6 September, participants can look forward to a robust dialogue exploring new approaches and witness the debut of new Gold Standard Principles for rights-based approaches, developed through a unique and broad consultation process involving Indigenous Peoples, local communities, women, and youth from around the world.   

Among other activities, FSC France will be active in the local IUCN areas “Espaces Generations Nature” and FSC International staff will be present at the Ecosystems Restoration and Nature Based Solutions Pavilion, hosting and participating in a series of outreach activities. FSC International will also participate in the Members’ Assembly, which will be held from 8 to 10 September.